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Paul Britt ©2007

Baltimore, MD | Tampa, FL Champaign, IL
Currently showing at

Antreasian Gallery, 1111 West 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211
Light Street Gallery, 1448 Light Street, Baltimore MD 21230

Artist Statement

Art that seems to capture an unstructured moment of every day life excites me. It inspires me to seek subject matter that looks un-staged, unplanned and spontaneous for my drawings and paintings. I create my art with these ideas in mind, often working from my original photographs.

Using a wide variety of subjects allows me to experiment with the reflection of light and shadow on different forms, textures and colors. Although my drawings and oil paintings have a foundation in realism, I strive to further define my style through unique brushstrokes, lines, shapes and colors. I also choose unusual angles from which to depict my subjects to accentuate the originality of my work.

As I continue to explore multiple themes and ideas for my art, I look forward to the challenge of finding new perspectives that will uncover additional relationships between the physical world, life and art. My growth as an artist relies on these discoveries and their effect on my technique as a painter.